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The claim was made only yesterday, on a subreddit devoted to obtaining refunds from Star Citizen (because, apparently, that topic is worth its own forum).Set to be a huge and revolutionary MMO, Star Citizen will combine gameplay from many genres with player influence on the world for a totally unique experience.Star Citizen 3.0 Update Coming In June, Will Add Moons You Can Land On.

Star Citizen features a persistent universe similar to Eve Online.

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Real quick, Star Citizen is: A rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person.Reclaim the stars in the exciting new Space Epic from legendary game designer Chris.Star Citizen is being released as a series of modules culminating into the launch of the game.In a nutshell, Star Citizen is an upcoming space sim video game.We speak to UK Studio Director Erin Roberts to find out what it means.

The number of ships dedicated to the purpose of hauling and exchanging.

Welcome to the unofficial Star Citizen Steam Group Star Citizen is an upcoming space trading and combat simulator video game for the PC.

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Star Citizen has been a phenomenon ever since it became the most funded Kickstarter game of all time.In part one of this three part series, I take a close look at Star Citizen and project out development costs by comparing it to another ambitious proj.

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So the big controversy in video games recently is over an article at The Escapist which talks about Star Citizen and relates some pretty scathing.News for the Star Citizen community by the Star Citizen community.

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In some ways, Star Citizen is the culmination of a 20-year-old dream.Star Citizen is a crowdfunded sci-fi MMORPG that brings the visceral action of piloting interstellar craft through combat and exploration to a new generation of gamers.W e are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community.

Another week of Star Citizen development passes and 3.0 still seems far away based on the latest bug reports and updates.Cloud Imperium Games has pledged to support each module with continuous.

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Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is almost available to the public, and we preview the PTU version to let you know how it is.This Week in Star Citizen This Week in Star Citizen This Week in Star Citizen.

Find more information about Star Citizen include the features, wallpepers, screenshots, videos, etc.Welcome to the Star Citizen Privateer, the best place to explore living in the grey area of the law.Another week, another countdown to Star Citizen alpha 3.0, and we are getting close.

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Notice. INN is a Star Citizen Fansite and is not connected to CIG or its affiliates in any way.

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Star Citizen only plans support the Vulkan graphics API on all platforms, rather than adding DirectX 12 to Windows 10 alone.IGN is the Star Citizen resource with reviews, wikis, videos, trailers, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs, previews, news and release dates.

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The Star Citizen Wiki: Everything you need to know about the next Best Damn Space Sim Ever from Cloud Imperium Games crowdfunded by the community.From the mind of Chris Roberts, acclaimed creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, comes STAR CITIZEN. 100% crowd funded, Star Citizen aims to create a living.

A Dynamic timeline containing major events in StarCitizen Universe History.

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Unbound by profession or skill sets, you choose the path of your own life.

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